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Our Professional Lice Treatments Are Reimbursed By Many Health Plans!

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It Matters – We Have a Medical Director. We are staffed by Nurses and Medical Assistants.

Unlike most head lice services, Lickety Nit is owned and operated by a licensed healthcare professional. We are the only head lice clinic in Hampton Roads with a  Medical Director for our clinics.

Our clinical offices are NOT salons. Many Private Insurance Plans can reimburse head lice treatments performed by Lickety Nit. We accept Health Savings Account (HSA) and Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Cards.

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A Full Service AirAlle or Comb-Out Lice Treatment

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In most cases, same-day appointments are available. We are open 7 days a week for your convenience.

Lice Treatments are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.


Make sure you visit our service page FIRST to see our services and pricing.

For urgent appointments, please call.


ONE lice treatment and you're DONE!

Save time and money. Let us do the work!

Make sure you visit our service page FIRST to see our services and pricing.

Call us at 844-366-LICE (5423) If we don’t answer, leave a message we will call or text you as soon as we can!


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Peace of mind and a good nights sleep is PRICELESS! You and AirAllé are GOD sent!!! Thanks again.
You and your services are wonderful! Thanks again.
C’s Mom
Thanks again so very much for coming yesterday!!! It truly gave me the peace of mind I needed. I really appreciate you!!
I am so relieved! Lickety Nit got rid of the lice in one treatment!
When I found out that a classmate in my daughter’s school had lice, I was concerned. When I found a live louse in her hair, I became anxious. When I found a live nymph (baby louse) in MY hair, I panicked!! Thank God for Ty and Lickety Nit. I called to let her know what was going on and she came over the same day. She treated me and my daughter, was incredibly calming, professional, friendly and informative. She did not leave until the job was done, follow-up was explained and all my questions were answered. The next day when I did a comb-out of my daughter’s hair, there was almost nothing there! And what was there, was dead. Same for me! I will be forever grateful for Ty’s kindness and efficiency, for reducing the stress of the situation and for saving me hours of frustration in trying to eradicate those little buggers! I would recommend Lickety Nit wholeheartedly to anyone who has a lice infestation. Thank you Ty!
Lickety Nit’s AirAllé process of dehydrating the lice eggs is wonderful. The process took less than one hour and the next day my child was back in school. I was amazed at how professional the technician was and how skilled she was. My worries of having my child lice free were relieved and the service was the answered to my prayers. I am so happy I called the service and had the satisfaction of knowing my child was free of lice. Thank you Lickety Nit for giving my family and I piece of mind.
Lorrie T.