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Manual Lice and Nit Removal Special – $75 Flat Rate!

Not Hourly.    No Hidden Fees!    No Travel Fees!    Best Price in Hampton Roads!

Our Professional Lice Treatments Can Be Reimbursed By Most Insurance Plans!

Call us for details. Clinic Services and treatments are by appointment only.

We CAN Help 844-366-LICE

It Matters – We are Medical Professionals. We are staffed by Nurses and Medical Assistants.

Unlike most head lice services, which operates like a salon, Lickety Nit is owned and operated by a licensed healthcare professionals.

Our clinical offices are NOT salons. Most Private Insurance Plans can reimburse head lice treatments performed by Lickety Nit. We accept Health Savings Account (HSA) and Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Cards.


In most cases, same-day appointments are available.

Lice Treatments are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.


Make sure you visit our service page FIRST to see our treatment pricing.

For urgent appointments, please call. If we don’t answer, leave a message we will call or text you as soon as we can!


ONE lice treatment and you're DONE!

Save time and money. Let us do the work!

Call us at 844-366-LICE (5423) If we don’t answer, leave a message we will call or text you as soon as we can!


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Lickety Nit Head Lice Removal Professionals

Serving the Seven Cities Area

Lickety Nit provides safe head lice solutions for those in Virginia Beach, Newport News, The Seven Cities, and surrounding areas of Norfolk, Hampton Roads, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Hampton and Suffolk.  We provide several services designed to remove lice and their nits in a natural way that does not involve products containing pesticides or other harsh chemicals.  Children and teens are most susceptible to an infestation, however adults can become victims too!

Non-chemical head lice removal treatments have become extremely popular in recent years, because it is effective and without the hassles and potential danger of OTC products.  Pediatricians, camps, and schools have come to rely on our solutions to resolve what is usually a very frustrating and stressful condition.  Depending on your preference and budget, our services include treatment using the AirAllé heated air medical device, a manual comb-out process using our non-toxic treatment solution, and even an at home package for those who are budget-minded and desire a DIY approach.

Trusted By Moms for Over 20 Years

Our head lice clinic provides a comfortable, relaxed environment for your child or yourself.  Depending on hair length and severity of infestation, treatment takes only about an hour or 90 minutes and you can be on your way.  We also provide comprehensive head assessments to verify the presence of lice or nits so that you don’t pay for services to remove those pesky buggers when none actually exist.  At Lickety Nit we know how easy it is for kids to become victims of those nasty buggers given their involvement in school, camp, and other activities where lots of other kids are.  If you are in the Virginia Beach or Newport News and surrounding areas, learn more or schedule your appointment today!  Call 844-366-5423 and say bye bye to those critters.